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Personalized training for anyone who wants to improve themselves

Personal Fitness Training (Personal Training)

Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

Parkour & movement classes - All levels - Comprehensive training

Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

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About us:

Training by Glen (TbG) is a full time established provider of self development private & personalized training and lessons for any individuals seeking self improvement, at their preferred location & schedule in Singapore, as well as online training for anyone else outside of Singapore. 
We train people to move better, get fitter, become more athletic, 
and be better capable of fending for themselves through important survival skills. 

Our types of training include:

Parkour (all levels), swimming (basic and survival), fitness training,

wilderness survival skills and bushcraft (Basics).

What Training by Glen mainly does:

We train individuals for social cause, hence delivering maximum value for our services.
We aim to empower all individuals who want to improve themselves and make changes in their lives, 
with our friendly yet practical and cost effective training and lessons.​

Out call private coaching (At to your preferred location & schedule in Singapore)

We personalize your training just for you - When, where & how you'd like it to be.
Training is led by Glen, and will be provided to you at your most preferred location & schedule.
With the help of his team of trainers & coaches, you will have plenty of room to choose 
where, when and how you'd like your training to be!

Online training

Besides our Outcall services, we have online personal coaching for international people who are not able to receive live personal coaching from us in Singapore.

Our personal coaching can be personalized to suit your needs!

How does our services work? (How we work)
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