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Personalized training / courses for self development

Personal Fitness Training (Personal Training)

Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

Parkour & movement classes - All levels - Comprehensive training

Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

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About us:

Training by Glen (TbG) is an established provider of self development private / personalized training 

for any individuals seeking self improvement, at their preferred location & schedule via

onsite coaching services (within Singapore), and online coaching for people globally.
We train people to move better, get fitter, stronger, more athletic, 
and capable through important / practical skills, etc. 

What we do:

We aim to provide results-driven coaching that are holistic and comprehensive.
We aim to empower individuals who want to improve themselves and make changes in their lives, 
with our friendly yet practical and cost effective training and lessons.​

Out call private / personalized coaching (At to your preferred location & schedule in Singapore)

Online coaching (Fitness / Strength & Conditioning)

Workshops & Special Events

How does our main services work

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Our culture:

Natural / Practical / Important life-skills and self development, made more accessible

The crux of our training, mainly, is provide you with self development to

become a better, more capable person with training of natural, practical, important, purposeful

life skills and capabilities, with training based on science, evidence and

many years of practical experience. Fitness, Parkour, Swimming and Bushcraft form the

basic roots of one of humankind's important set of life skills, and should be made more accessible to people.

Cost effective and great value

We keep our rates and prices affordable and cost effective for social reasons because we want

to be able to help the good people who could really use any of our training for their self development and

progress and sustainably learn what they need. The trainee just have to properly follow the

training and requirements with open mindedness and with heart so that they can

properly achieve what they want and learn what they need!

No to selling-out and no sugar coating

We don't sell out ever, and we don't sugar coat things, because training are meant to be most

authentic and proper, even if that means (and it usually is) that we do not profit as much from doing so, as

some trainees may not be agreeable or comfortable to accept certain truths about training.

But we do this because this is actually what produces the best results and progress for the trainee.

We are this passionate about providing no-nonsense training!

Yes (unfortunately at times) we go to the extent to reject a paying client without hesitation if

that means we are asked/told to train them in a way that are practically ineffective, unsound and

unscientific for them - Because that will be unethical and selling out.

Do know that we will/are always be overjoyed to take in anyone who are willing to be open, listen and

follow our training properly, so that they can properly reach their goals!

Tell us your goals, be willing to be open to receive our expertise and professional guidance, and

you can expect the best from us, and taking our coaching could be the one of

the best decisions you've ever make in your life.

Booking convenience

We provide one of the most convenient booking systems in the market. For our outcall

coaching services - virtually all corners of Singapore are covered for all services that are able to, and

wide range of available date and time slots to book from - from morning to afternoon to night - weekdays to

weekends to all public holidays. Quick bookings and last minute bookings can be possible.

Private and personalized

Virtually all our coaching are private and personalized for our clients/trainees.

Courteous and respectful atmosphere

We'd like to keep the atmosphere between everyone here in Training by Glen, regardless of

coaches, trainees, clients, etc, to be harmonious, respectful and courteous.

This way, you will be happy, you will get the most effective benefits and everything can run most

effectively, smoothly and fairly. You can expect a constant courteous and respectful atmosphere when

receiving our coaching, but to be fair on a basic level, you will have to be open and respectful to the coaching

given by us and are able to properly follow the requirements of the training properly.

Due to the nature of how coaching works, this is the most fundamental

requirement required from the client/trainee in order for things to work properly, if not

it will defeat the purpose of taking up coaching from a professional provider in the first place!