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Bodyweight Fitness Training with Glen (Budget)

Bodyweight Fitness Training with Glen is an economical and watered down alternative to

Glen's standard outcall Personal Fitness Training  service, for those with a budget.

This 'Training with Glen' option is when you're willing to take away parts of our

standard PT coaching service to cut costs - This comes under our "Structured/Limited Fitness Training" Outcall coaching service - See rates here.

Take this 'Bodyweight Fitness Training with Glen' option (this option is for you) if:

Your fitness goal is only to improve fitness/mobility/strength, etc, with bodyweight exercises, and nothing else.

Please contact Glen to check directly if this option is suitable for you - This option isn't suitable for everyone.

Contact Glen now if you're interested

Looking for better booking flexibility, and full comprehensive coaching? Try our standard Private Coaching instead: Info / Rates‚Äč