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Outdoor wilderness survival skills & Bushcraft training

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Train to:

Survive/thrive alone in the wilderness with a small inventory, very few basic tools,

or even nothing, using modern / primitive methods.
Train the basic essentials such as acquiring drinking water, food, building fire, navigating,

keeping safe, acquiring shelter and seeking help.

Why us:

If you're looking at picking up basic bushcraft and survival skills as a beginner, as a form of self development / to prepare yourself for an expedition, trip, etc, and you'd like quick cost effective training that covers all the practical aspects of this skill, we are it. We are one of the very few service providers who can provide you with personalized training and lessons at your preferred location & schedule, 

for this particular skill-set locally in Singapore.

When you take up our training, you can choose to take a quick

brief crash course via a single lesson, or go with our packages.

Our training are personalized, so you get to choose what you want to learn,

where and when you would like to have the training and lessons at.

*No requirements needed at all - We cater mostly to absolute beginners.

*You as the student, get to choose the location, schedule and what you want to learn.

*Short day crash courses & 1 hour training sessions at your preferred schedule available.

​*Private training and custom-tailored courses available for schools, companies, etc.

What you can learn & train on (Basic Bushcraft / Junglecraft):


Campcraft (Setting up shelter, etc)

Firecraft (Setting up campfire, etc)

Sourcing/hunting/preparation/processing of food and wild edibles

Sourcing/preparation/processing drinking water

Outdoor hygiene

Safety in the wild and protection from predatory animals