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Meet the main instructor: Glen 

(Bushcraft specialist; with many years of wilderness experience from first-hand solo experience

in the wild and learning experience from practitioners/instructors around the world).

Assisting instructor: Ashton

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​Our testimonials:

"Due to my school project, I need to some research on survival camping.
I did some online research on how it should be done when you

get lost in the forest. I applied for bushcraft training by Glen for

a short course (few hours). I want to know the basic skills for bushcraft.
Training by Glen makes me able to experience my first survival camping and

it was enjoyable. The training was able to provide me the basic bushcraft skills and the trainer is very patient. Any questions asked after

the training will be replied... .... - Melissa, Student, Singapore"
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People trained by us

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Why us:

"Most comprehensive and accessible universal bushcraft training provider available locally and in southeast asia"

"Leading provider of Bushcraft/Junglecraft training in Singapore for various levels"

"Main focus on primitive technology and primitive wilderness skills with nothing but your hands"

"Glen's bushcraft training mainly focuses on pure primitive wilderness skills that dates back to the stone age"

"Skills and knowledge to survive/thrive, with and without modern tools such as knife, compass, etc.."

If you're looking at picking up basic to intermediate level bushcraft and survival skills, as a form of self

development / to prepare yourself for a regional or international expedition, trip, etc, and

you'd like quick cost effective training that

covers all the practical aspects of this skill, we are it. We are the only one, or one of the very few service providers

who can provide you with personalized training and lessons at your preferred

(selected) location & schedule, for this particular skill-set locally in Singapore.

Knowledge and skills with us are all about indigenous, tribal, hunter-gatherer type, and self sufficiency skills (from tribes from around the world, historical primitive knowledge, and modern day explorer-adventurer type skills) to train you to be self sufficient / capable in pure bushcraft skills. This sets us apart from other survival schools around

the world, who rely heavily on military-type and modern-tools-reliant survival skills, etc.

If you're looking at picking up specific junglecraft skills to prepare yourself for expeditions in the tropical jungle.
When you take up our training, you can choose to take a quick crash course, or a longer day course.
Our training are personalized, so you get to choose what you want to learn, 
where and when you would like to have the training and lessons at.

Training with us is definitely more than just demonstrating and getting the trainees/students to replicate what were demonstrated. It's about personally tailored training to best suit trainees and comprehensive coaching. This greatly speeds up learning of proper knowledge and skills, build up comprehensive knowledge and skills that are

all customized and suited to various needs.

*Requirements not necessarily needed - We cater to absolute beginners, as well as instructors, etc.
*You as the student, get to choose the location, schedule and what you want to learn.
*Short day crash courses & customizable training sessions at your preferred schedule available.
​*Private training and custom-tailored courses for your school, company, organization.

What you can learn:Specifically:
Finding directionMap & compass, primitive methods using just the environment. Practical navigational skills in the jungle, and universal navigational skills for generally all landscapes.
CampcraftConstruct a shelter with existing tools and materials, construct a bushcraft shelter entirely from scratch with nothing but just the environment and natural resources (with natural cordage, building materials such as wood, stones, clay, earth, etc), setting up a proper safe camp. Practical camp set ups for various purposes.
FirecraftSet up various types of campfire the proper way with tools, starting a fire with a broken lighter, magnifying glass, water bottle, batteries, flint, firesteel, stone, sparks, and friction fire basics. How to set up a campfire in the rain, wet weather, for cooking and to last all night.
Getting food to eatSourcing and processing wild edibles for eating via; hunting, fishing and foraging for wild edibles - How to identify wild edibles correctly and make them safe for eating. Identifying local wild edibles of Southeast Asia, and skills for generally getting food anywhere in the world.
Getting water to drinkSourcing and purifying water using various ways - Desalination, cooking, filtering, through plants, etc. Practical and efficient skills.
OthersOutdoor hygiene, safety in the wild, jungle dangers and safety, making primitive tools from natural materials, etc. Handling and managing commonly faced issues in the wild (injuries/infections, etc). Other wildcamping tricks and "hacks" (cleaning up dishes in the wild, hygiene when answering nature's call and being environmentally conscious at the same time, etc, and more).

Outdoor wilderness survival skills / jungle survival / bushcraft training

(The art of surviving / thriving in the wild with few tools or NOTHING)

"Your most convenient learning source of Bushcraft/Junglecraft in Southeast Asia"

"Leading/pioneer provider in Singapore, providing most comprehensive universal bushcraft training"

Basic to more advance level course & personalized training / At your preferred schedule in Singapore

Contact us now to start! (Click here for e-learning and online coaching via "Zoom")

Train to:

Survive/thrive alone in the wilderness (in generally all environments worldwide), with

a small inventory, very few basic tools,

or nothing, using modern / primitive methods (a.k.a Bushcraft).
Train the essentials such as acquiring drinking water, food, building fire, navigating,

keeping safe, acquiring shelter and seeking help.

Train specific junglecraft (jungle survival and living) skills.