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COVID19 News and Updates

(In chronological order *Bottom: Earliest \ Top: Latest)

Dear all, from 10 Aug 2021, the only change is that up to 5 people in a group (incl

the coach), are allowed, for outdoor sessions.
- Glen 7 Aug 2021.

Dear all, from 22 July 2021, the only changes are that; indoor

mask-off strenuous physical activities are not allowed.

Only 2 person (including coach) in a group are allowed.
- Glen [21/July/2021]

Dear all, from 19 July 2021, the only change is that; indoor mask-off strenuous physical activities for up to 2 people in a group, are allowed.
- Glen [17/July/2021]

​Dear all, from 12 July 2021, the only change is that; indoor mask-off strenuous physical activities for up to 5 people in a group, may resume.

- Glen [8/July/2021]

​Dear all, from 14 June 2021, the only change is that the max number of

people in a group, outdoors, is 5 people.

- Glen [11/June/2021]

Dear all, further COVID restrictions will be in effect from start of 16 May 2021 to

end of 13 June 2021. Key things in addition, to note are: not more than 2 person

in a group are allowed, and strenuous indoor (coaching) physical activities

are not allowed. All necessary COVID guidelines and measures will apply.
- Glen [14/May/2021]

Dear all, Singapore will be on Phase 2 shortly. Mainly, we will temporarily

no longer be able to take more than 4 people in a group for training.

All necessary COVID safety measures and guidelines will apply.

- Glen [7/May/2021]

Dear all, from Phase 3 onwards, as more restrictions are lifted, we will

continue to follow Phase 3 safety guidelines accordingly as required.

Dear all, Singapore's Phase 2 will start on 19/6/20, so this means that we will be able to coach outside in person, as early as on the start of 19/6/20.

All our services and products will be open from start of 19/6/20

(Before that date/time, only online services are products are available for use).

We will continue to take the necessary safety precautions as required

by authorities accordingly. We will also strive to do more on our part to

help fight the spread of COVID19, such as not allowing sharing of

training tools, etc, among our participants, etc.

- Glen [16/6/20]

Dear all, after the Circuit Breaker (last day of Circuit Breaker on 1 June 2020), there

will still be certain restrictions in place that disallows us from coaching in person face to face.

So far, there haven't been any updates on the definitive date on when

those restrictions will be lifted. But base on observations, I'm guessing that it should be a few weeks after the Circuit Breaker. We do have many Online Coaching options (for

all training types; Fitness/Parkour/Swimming/Bushcraft) available. So do have a look!

Full general up to date info on website. Happy browsing. We look forward to coach you.

- Glen [20/May/2020]

Dear all, the Circuit Breaker set by the Singapore government, has been extended to 1 June 2020 (inclusive). Hence, all in-person services will be temporarily unavailable till then. Our online services/products are all still open and available.

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