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COVID19 News and Updates

(In chronological order *Bottom: Earliest \ Top: Latest)

Dear all, after the Circuit Breaker (last day of Circuit Breaker on 1 June 2020), there

will still be certain restrictions in place that disallows us from coaching in person face to face.

So far, there haven't been any updates on the definitive date on when

those restrictions will be lifted. But base on observations, I'm guessing that it should be a few weeks after the Circuit Breaker. We do have many Online Coaching options (for

all training types; Fitness/Parkour/Swimming/Bushcraft) available. So do have a look!

Full general up to date info on website. Happy browsing. We look forward to coach you.

- Glen [20/May/2020]

Dear all, the Circuit Breaker set by the Singapore government, has been extended to 1 June 2020 (inclusive). Hence, all in-person services will be temporarily unavailable till then. Our online services/products are all still open and available.

Dear all, we regret to inform that all in-person services will

be temporarily unavailable from 7/April/20 to 4/May/20.

This is the new rule set by the Singapore government that prohibits

"Non-essential work" to be conducted outside.

Only "Essential work" such as those from the

food/supply/health, etc, chains/sectors are allowed.

Our online services/products are all still open and available.

Dear all, please be informed that Training by Glen will adopt safety measures

for all our coaching that requires to meet up in person.

Physical distancing of at least 1 meter:

During all types of in-person coaching sessions, everyone are required to be

at least 1m apart from each other at all times.

All in-person training shall be recommended to be done outdoor in the open under the sun where possible.

If you're taking private swim lessons, generally speaking, it should be safe to take swim lessons, as according to an infectious disease expert, the water and chlorine within swimming pools could help to kill the virus.

Maximum precautions should be taken such as cleaning up thoroughly with soap and water before and

after every lesson. What may be a little less safe, is if you linger around the pool at the chairs and tables and

pick up the virus from dry surfaces. So we guess if you go the pool, jump straight in, swim and

leave immediately to go home to shower, it should be a pretty safe way to

indulge in some private outdoor activity and get your Vitamin D.

(Disclaimer: Take all these as opinions and please decide for yourself if you want to take swim lessons.

All these are just opinions from the best knowledge of our beliefs, with

info gathered from news articles, experts, etc.)

If you're taking fitness/parkour/bushcraft:

Besides keeping at least 1m distance apart at all times, we will also strive to avoid touching the same spots and

things as you. We will also constantly remind you to frequently sanitize your hands when possible and

to avoid touching your face at all times. Do clean yourself up thoroughly with soap and

water before and after every training session.


Glen will be taking all measures to isolate himself away from people as much as possible for as long as the COVID19 crisis is around. Since young, Glen has always been a solitary person, and avoid coughs and sneezes

regardless of whether there's a pandemic, flu season, etc, or not. Be assured that Glen will

be responsible to not turn up for a session if he believes that he is sick or may be at risk to transmit anything.

As for his other coaches, Glen works closely with all his coaches and know them well, and will

constantly do his best to ensure that his coaches also practice habits that lower

their risk of catching/transmitting COVID19 as much as possible (such as

self isolating as much as possible, keeping clean, etc).

Of course, there may be other measures that can be taken, or some measures may differ slightly than others, as

our coaching sessions, etc, vary with each other. So please do not hesitate to speak to

Glen before taking our service to find out what measures we can use to best protect you and put you at ease.

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