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Personal Fitness Training (Personal Training)

Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

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Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

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Our Introduction:

Training by Glen (*TBG in short) is a full-time established service provider (and is a team by Glen),

to help individuals in Singapore and around the world, to train

to become stronger, fitter and more skillful, through our training methods.

Our History and Story:

TbG started out known as "HUMAN Strength.Fitness.Skills (HSFS)". Without much change back then, HSFS

started out pretty much as a one-man-show, mainly providing outcall personal coaching services to

individuals to improve their "Strength", "Fitness" and "Skills". 

It was all about empowering individuals to be stronger, fitter and more capable via useful training. So there was plenty of Powerlifting, Strongman training, Olympic weighlifting training, odd-object lifting and calisthenics for beastly fitness training, as well as specific skills such as freediving, and Parkour. These were aimed to be delivered to anyone who wanted to become fitter, more capable in swimming and movements via HSFS's training. HSFS was all about that - Providing the training needs to get one to be stronger, fitter, and more skillful.

As HSFS grows, the founder Glen, wanted to narrow down it's purpose, thus deciding to change the name of HUMAN Strength.Fitness.Skills to 'Training by Glen (TbG)'. Services have been narrowed down specifically to outcall and online coaching services for Fitness Training (Personal training), Swimming lessons, Parkour training and

Bushcraft/Wilderness survival training.

As TbG grows, our aim is to provide better quality training, and make our training more accessible to people who need it (beginner or experienced, sedentary or active). The type of training that are useful and practical.

Our culture is all about providing training that is based on proven working methods and that the training must be adaptable to the individual, while staying true to our/training principles and values. While we always try to make the training fun and adaptable to the individual, we do not sugarcoat training. We emphasize on the most effective and practical way of training for every individual as well, and this will challenge the individual's training in every way.


Training by Glen
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