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​​​More Detailed Info About Us

Our Introduction:

Training by Glen (*TbG in short) is an established service provider, to help individuals to

train to become stronger, fitter and more skillful, through Glen's training methods.

It is concept by founder, Glen, and a small team brought together by Glen, to train and

coach individuals the best way to achieve goals practically, realistically and effectively.

Training by Glen, focuses on the training and self improvement of the core roots of humankind's

basic skills and capabilities - Fitness, Parkour, Swimming & Bushcraft - To be

fit, strong, capable, mobile and useful to yourself to the others.

Our History and Story:

TbG started out focusing on self development and training of serious skills of

strength, fitness, parkour, movement performance, and self sufficiency skills locally.

We were formally known as "HUMAN Strength.Fitness.Skills".

One of the main training focus back then were serious strength and conditioning for athletic

performance, under heavy influence of powerlifting, olympic weighlifting, calisthenics, and strongman

training methods, as well as Parkour training by itself. We also offered the training of

not-so-well-known skills such as freediving, wilderness self sufficiency training.

As we grew, our direction adjusted to better cater to public demands, while sticking to our main vision.

From there, we are known as "Training by Glen", provider of training of useful root skills of

Parkour, Fitness, Swimming & Bushcraft - To train to move better on land (Parkour), in water

(Survival swimming and freediving), to become stronger, fitter, faster (Fitness training and

strength & conditioning for athletic performance), and to be self sufficient (with the root of humankind's

first main skill - Bushcraft, the ability to survive and live off the natural land). ​We aim to make the type of

training we offer, more accessible to public (locally in Singapore and worldwide)

in general (be it for beginners, experienced, sedentary or active).

Our culture is all about providing training that is based on proven working methods and that the

training must be adaptable to the individual, while staying true to our/training principles and values.

While we always try to make the training fun and adaptable to the individual, we do not sugarcoat training.

We emphasize on the most effective and practical way of training for every individual

as well, and this will challenge the individual's training in every way.


Training by Glen
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