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Coach Fagan

Filled with an insatiable appetite for movement and adrenaline, Fagan has always been active in all forms of sports, namely indoor and beach volleyball, in-line skating and soccer, and he was immediately captivated when he chanced upon Parkour videos on the Internet since 2003. Drawn by the energy and agility required, as well as the sense of freedom within the movements, he started his Parkour journey with friends and like-minded practitioners, and has never stopped 'moving' since. 

He played a pivotal role in establishing the Singapore Parkour community in 2004, and as he grew in the discipline, he also discovered and learnt a great deal about its philosophy, and experienced in abundance the mental and physical benefits Parkour can bring. Having had the opportunity since 2012 to train with Art Du Deplacement (ADD) founders Chau Belle and Laurent Piemontesi from the Yamakasi, as well as Stephane Vigroux, Dan Edwardes and Dominic Willoughby from Parkour Generations, Fagan has grown even more in his Art Du Deplacement / Parkour training, and he chose to make his passion his job, so as to share with others the discipline that has nurtured him 'to be strong to be useful’. 

In his quest for mastery of movement, Fagan also embarked into the field of personal training, complementing both fields through skill-based strength and conditioning. He is passionate about elevating fitness attained via increased vocabulary of movement and improving mobility to include a functional application of strength, resilience and agility to everyday life and movement. This is done through calisthenics as well as Parkour-inspired and natural movements

that can be adapted to any environment. 

Fagan fills in for Parkour classes for Glen, whenever he is unavailable.

Relevant Education:
1. Art Du Deplacement and Parkour Teaching (A.D.A.P.T) Level 1 Course (2012) 
2. Standard First Aid Course by Singapore Red Cross Society (2012) 

Parkour Experience: 
Since 2003

Work related experience:
National Day Parade 2013 at Marina Bay Floating Platform 
Parkour coaching since 2013 at various companies / organizations