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Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

Parkour & movement classes - All levels - Comprehensive training

Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

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'The Adventurer' Basics

‚ÄčTake this if you like to travel and go on adventures but you need to get prepared and

armed with the right knowledge and skills.

4 hour long training session (Crash course)

Learn the very basics of Bushcraft / Wilderness survival skills (Food, water, shelter, navigation, safety, firecraft)

Learn solo hiking / backpacking and wildcamping basics

(Packing smart, how to take care of yourself alone out there, how to sleep anywhere, etc)

$200 for 1 person or $300 for 2 person, or $400 for 3 person.

Featured Training Courses

'Training by Glen' specialties

These are what we are most good at

Recommended training arrangements (Courses are personalized)

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Strength training methodologies

Take this if you want to learn any of the lifting techniques

correctly / learn to strength train effectively, etc.

8 sessions package

Learn how to execute the olympic lifts (clean & jerk, snatch, etc)

Learn how to execute the compound barbell power lifts (bench press, overhead press, rows, squat, deadlift, etc)

Learn how to execute odd object and strongman type lifts (such as tyre flipping, atlas stone loading, stone lifts, etc)

Learn beginner to advance bodyweight and calisthenics (such as muscle ups, one arm pull ups, flagpole, etc)

Learn how to program your own strength training to suit your needs and goals.


Parkour Kickstarter

Take this if you want to learn how to train true Parkour correctly once and for all

8 sessions package

Learn how to execute all basic techniques correctly.

Train to apply the techniques in a run properly.

Learn how to train properly, with the correct training methods.