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Personalized training for anyone who wants to improve themselves

Personal Fitness Training (Personal Training)

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Singapore Personal Trainer

Personal Fitness Training

At your preferred location and schedule around Singapore

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Neighborhood Personal Trainer comes to your preferred venue / schedule to train you;

Full comprehensive guidance for fat loss, building muscle, shaping up, improving your fitness, etc.

​​Personal Trainer comes to your home, condo, residence, or any outside gym, public park, sports hall, to train you:

Lose fat / Build muscle / Shape up / Improve your fitness - Get that pull up, increase your vertical jump, lose weight, build muscle, run faster, run longer, learn the olympic lifts and powerlifts, boost your strength to new levels, and more!

At your preferred schedule, at cost effective rates.

Your friendly neighborhood Personal Trainer - Flexible / Personalized / Results driven / Cost effective / Experienced

Get on the fast track to your fitness goals with a Personal Trainer guiding you fully on your training and diet!

Who is it for?

It's for anyone who wants to: Improve the physique (build muscle, lose fat and sculpt the body), 

and improve fitness, with a personalized training and diet plan, from a personal trainer who can come to

their preferred location and book sessions at their preferred schedule.

For individuals looking for cost effective Personal Fitness Training!

Perfect for individuals ready to make the change, who want to:

-Want to pack on muscle.

-Want to improve strength through free weight lifting (olympic and power lifts may be included)

and bodyweight exercises/calisthenics.

-Improve their fitness, athletic ability (improve specific aspects for their sport, or generally, etc).

​The personal trainer trains you:

With barbells and dumbells and other gym equipment

With large variety of bodyweight movements and exercises

*Exercises prescribed to you is depending on your goals*

The personal trainer possess the knowledge in:

Bodyweight exercises and calisthenics
Locomotive and manipulative movements / motorskills such as climbing, odd object lifting, etc

Olympic lifting methodologies

Powerlifting methodologies

With the training and service you get:

Friendly, pleasant, professional and systematic service for optimum reliability and overall pleasant service experience.
Full training and diet guidance that is tailored to you (complementary self workout and diet plans provided)

24/7 support provided for your training and diet questions.

Personal training by a qualified and experienced professional trainer.

Training in a fun and friendly training environment.

A Personal Trainer who has great majority track records and has helped several achieve their fitness goals (see reviews),

A trainer who works closely with you to get you on your most effective path towards your goals!

All at affordable cost effective rates that is the best bang for your buck (Great value!)

For every PT session ($50 - $65 per session), you receive;

Full comprehensive coaching from a qualified professional, with free Self Workout and Diet plans,

at your preferred location and schedule. This will speed up your progress a lot and you gain

knowledge in training and eating right in the process. Worth the investment? Yes!

The main differences between Personal Fitness Training with 'Training by Glen' and elsewhere:

Better booking flexibility - More customer friendly booking system / cancellation and postpone policies.

All locations in Singapore covered - Unlike others who only focus on a specific area,

we come to you whenever you need us to.
More comprehensive guidance.

Overall better value.

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