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Training at your preferred location & schedule in Singapore / Online training

Personalized training for self development

Personal Fitness Training (Personal Training)

Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

Parkour & movement classes - All levels - Comprehensive training

Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

Glen trains you to / for: Shape up, lose fat, build muscle, improve fitness, strength &

conditioning, better athletic ability, beginner to advance strength

training, complex bodyweight and lifting movements.

Get stronger, faster, more endurance, get fitter, tougher, and move better

Your training goals that Glen can train you for:Specifically:
Shaping up with fitnessSculpt your body the way you want and improve fitness
Lose fatYes
Build muscleYes, specializes in helping skinny individuals pack on muscle fast and effectively
Improve strengthYes, specializes in that. Glen teaches various ways to improve any kind of strength, using various training methods, etc.
Improve strength and conditioning / athletic abilityYes, specializes in that. Improve a certain aspect of fitness and conditioning for your sport, activity, etc. Train to jump higher, run faster, and more.
Learning and training wild/odd/intermediate/advance movementsMuscle ups, proper jumping techniques, calisthenic movements, olympic weightlifting clean and jerk / snatch (basics), powerlifting squat/deadlift/bench-press, strongman type exercises such as odd object carry/loading/lifting, tyre flipping, farmer's walk, sled dragging, etc.

What's included:

Friendly, pleasant, professional, reliable and systematic service
Complete comprehensive training / diet guidance / education that are tailored for you

Complimentary self workout and diet plans

Complimentary 24/7 support provided for your training and diet questions

Personal training by a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professional trainerwho have 

positive majority track records and has helped several achieve their fitness goals (see reviews).

What's the difference with Glen's Personal Fitness Training:

Better booking flexibility - More customer friendly booking system.

All locations in Singapore covered - Sessions can be booked at different locations.

Better comprehensive guidance (Glen educates his clients well on overall training & diet).

Training in a fun and friendly training environment.

Overall better value - More cost effective (Say no to overpriced PT with mismatched value).

Trainer not only possess standard Personal Fitness Training knowledge, but also

very knowledgeable in strength & conditioning and nutrition (most typical personal trainers don't know how to

perform and teach movements such as olympic lifts, powerlifts, muscle ups, etc, but Coach Glen does).

Expert / Extensive professional knowledge in:

Strength & Conditioning training and nutrition for optimal performance (Sports, etc).

Intermediate to advance calisthenics training such as training for muscle ups, one arm pull ups, etc.

Beginner to advance strength training methods.

Complex lifting techniques such as Olympic lifts (Clean & Jerk and Snatch), Powerlifts, Odd object lifting

(Tire flips, Sandbag lifting, etc) and proper biomechanics of Natural lifting and Strongman type lifting.

Personal Fitness Training Rates:

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"​Glen is a great personal trainer.  He was very knowledgeable about the body,  how to attain a very good level of fitness as well as providing insights and advice on looking after your health. He has a structured approach and takes time to listen to your goals and ... .....- Raja, Citibank, UK" Click here to read many more reviews & testimonials.