Fitness Training - Roots

What is fitness? Fitness is the state of well-being and ability to function and perform aspects of human movements, etc.

Individuals seeking fitness training to improve fitness typically have various specific or broad goals such as; improving their whole fitness in general and shaping up their bodies, to being able to run longer and faster, move their bodies with ease, increase their mobility, strength, and so on.

All these goals usually start off with the roots. The roots we're talking about here are; the ability to perform natural bio-mechanical movements such as running, jumping, lifting, carrying, climbing, crawling, traversing, balancing, hanging, swinging, etc, or similar just having the overall mobility to perform basic tasks at ease.


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You may be asking (for example).. "Wait... my fitness goal is just to shape up. Do I need to train these movements just to shape up?" Well, for nearly all, if not all fitness goals, it is almost-always or always best to work on these roots, coupled with specific exercises, to best reach your goals most effectively, while staying balanced and injury-free. These roots also help carry over to your specific fitness goal which will help you progress way quicker and effectively.

That's why here at 'Training by Glen', our PT is meant to help you reach your specific fitness goals effectively while staying balanced and injury free, via the approach of training these roots and coupled with the specific exercises required. This way, you reach your goals most effectively, stay balanced and injury-free, and get the most out of every training session through Glen's comprehensive coaching. We believe that PT isn't just about getting you to do a bunch of exercises, counting reps for you, and measuring your progress. It's about educating you the right holistic way to train and eat. Glen's PT specialize in coaching the proper bio-mechanics of all these movements (see Glen's profile/credentials here), as he is one of the few trainers in the industry with these extensive knowledge, which comes from his Parkour training, and strength-lifting-sports background, etc.