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Fitness Coach / Personal Fitness Trainer Glen

"Not your typical Personal Trainer"


Glen's interest and passion in fitness training develops over time, since the time Glen began serious training for

his Parkour back in 2005 - What started out as a pursuit to improve his Parkour performance,

became an obsessive research in fitness training, strength and conditioning, and subsequently,

formal education and professional experience in this field.

Along the way, Glen has gained and applied his experience in bodybuilding, calisthenics, powerlifting,

olympic weightlifting, strongman training and overall strength and conditioning.

Glen has gained exposure with bodybuilding and calisthenics back in 2006, then

subsequently moved on to powerlifting and strongman type exercises where he was coached by

professional local strongmen (strength athletes) such as Sam from Team Iron Behemoths.

He also spent a period of time learning the olympic lifts from national athletes and directly from

Singapore's first silver medalist in Olympic Weightlifting - Mr Tan Howe Liang.

Over time, Glen has been gaining a lot of knowledge in physical training and strength and conditioning.

He also spends a lot of his time on physical training to toughen up the mind and body in harsh conditions (little sleep, in the rain, under very cold or very hot weather), especially on elite level strength feats such as achieving

the 1 arm pull up, and lifting as much weight as possible pound-for-pound.

Though Glen may not have a massive bulky body frame (due to the nature of his training - he trains a lot for performance rather than just focusing on building muscles), his achievements speak for themselves, outperforming

majority of other trainers. That is one of Glen's unique traits, and it is also a testament to show that

a trainer should walk the talk. Glen has always been setting the standard for himself as a fitness coach,

making sure that he maintains and updates his deep knowledge and understanding on how the body works,

based on science, education and experience.

Qualifications and Certifications:
United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma
(Exercise & Fitness coaching methodologies, Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition)
Basic Exercise Course by the Singapore Sports Council Certification

Professional work experience:
Personal Fitness Training for 1-1 and small group fitness training since mid 2010.
Has helped several individuals of various age, needs and background

​designing training/workout and nutrition/diet programs since 2010.

The work he has done so far includes clients with goals such as building muscle, losing fat,

shaping up in general, improving fitness, strengthening and mobility for general health and well-being, and

strength and conditioning for their sport and physical activities.

Professional training experience:
(Extensive) Training experience in bodyweight exercises/movements, methode

naturelle and calisthenics since 2005.
Training experience in Bodybuilding and general weight training since 2006.
(Extensive) Training experience in Strength Sports such as Powerlifting, Strongman, and

Olympic Weightlifting since 2007. (Coached and worked with local top strongman, Sam of Team Iron Behemoths, 
Olympic Weightlifting Pro Mr Tan Howe Liang - First Singaporean to win an Olympic Games medal).

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