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Parkour Coach Glen


Glen started out Parkour back in mid 2005, when he first came to know about it online and subsequently through various media.

Back then, Parkour was at it's infancy stage in the whole world, let alone in Singapore.

He was one of the pioneer practitioners in Parkour Singapore. He started training with friends, the local

Parkour community, and his interest grew exponentially over time.

Like Bruce Lee, he started to train more obsessively and has dedicated almost all his time to honing his skills,

and researching relentlessly on training methods during his recovery time from training.

Today, he is still training passionately, training smarter than ever, and is coaching individuals Parkour to

spread to those interested. His values are to spread Parkour correctly, the way it was traditionally meant to be.

With his extensive knowledge on training Parkour (from movements practice, all the way down to

nutrition, psychology, strength and conditioning, etc) gained from endless research since 2005,

together with formal education and experience, he strives to educate individuals on Parkour and how to train it properly.

Today, Coach Glen is a traditional Parkour coach, who is always preaching about how Parkour is simply just about

getting stronger through training movements to run from point A to B while overcoming obstacles, and it is

something for yourself, as opposed to it being a competitive sport and/or one that focuses on flips, somersaults and tricks.

Through his many years of experience, and from his wide range of scientific coaching and training knowledge, he

is a coach that will teach you what Parkour is really about, and how to train it correctly, safely and

the best way possible. He fills the gap in the local community, by being a coach who stays true to

the traditional values of Parkour and spreading it to anyone who are sincerely interested.

Qualifications and Certifications:
United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma
Sports Coaching methodologies, Sports Strength & conditioning, Sports psychology and Sports medicine
Yamakasi training and workshop by ADD/Art of Deplacement Academy.

Professional work experience:
Coaching young kids to adults (1-1 to medium size group) since 2010.

Assisted and helped out in coaching privately or worked with numerous

various schools, organizations and companies since 2010.

Administrator of Parkour Singapore community and better known as

the 'Strength and conditioning guy' of Parkour Singapore.

Professional training experience:
Non-stop and dedicated training experience since mid 2005.
(Extensive) Training experience in free climbing, and other locomotives derived from Methode Naturelle since 2008.
Trained with several Parkour coaches and world renown Parkour athletes worldwide 
(including Parkour/ADD founder, Chau and Laurent of the Yamakasi).

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