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Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft Coach Glen


Glen has always had an adventurous heart and passionate in exploring and nature.

Overtime, he decided that one of the important life skill to have is to be capable of taking care of himself

alone in the Wilderness with nothing - A.K.A bushcraft / wilderness survival and living skills.

Back in 2010, Glen started off more into solo backpack hiking / camping, before moving on more to

Wilderness Survival skills and Bushcraft. He started off by gradually doing a lot of research and study on the subject, and expose himself to practicing in the wild and learning from other practitioners around the world

(something most survivalists, experts and primitive tribes do).

After years of frustrations and trial and error through practice, along with theory studies, including

having close calls with real life survival situations in the past,

he has gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom and know what works and what do not.

Tough lessons learnt along the way and Glen learnt things through the long and hard way. He has practiced Bushcraft and spent numerous overnight trips in the wild in different parts of the world with different types of environments and conditions, from tropical, to desert, to temperate to the arctic.

Glen is knowledgeable in starting a fire in various ways (with simple tools to using stones, dry wood, etc), obtaining food and water from the wild, finding direction, and have deeper and more extensive knowledge in crafting primitive tools and shelter from scratch with nothing but the natural wilderness around him.

He has the most experience and knowledge in tropical jungle Survival.

Today, along with his formal education and knowledge in coaching, he shares his knowledge, skills and

experience to beginners, so that beginners can avoid making the same mistakes he did, and to also

speed up their learning experience by a ton. He has helped taught several beginners in schools and

organizations, such as the Girl Guides, etc.

Qualifications and Certifications:
United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma
(Coaching methodologies, nutrition, psychology and medicine)

Professional work experience:
Experience in teaching Wilderness skills to young teens and adults since the start of 2015.

Experience in teaching Wilderness skills to medium size groups of kids to adults in workshops and events as

a solo or main instructor, from private to schools, and organizations, such as the Girl Guides, etc.

Professional training experience:

Experience solo backpack hiking and wild camping around the world since 2010
Dedicated non-stop experience in Bushcraft and Primitive wilderness survival skills of various cultures since 2010

Experience in military survival skills since 2008

Cross-exchange knowledge of Wilderness survival skills with other survival instructors / bushcrafters worldwide

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