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Founder / Coach Glen


Hi, I'm Glen. I started Training by Glen because I believe in empowering individuals from all walks of life, 
and all parts of the world, with the types of training that will benefit them in getting more

skillful, stronger, fitter and more self sufficient!

My training and coaching beliefs:

To train, guide, mentor and educate my trainees and students with the greatest value.

Training should be efficient and geared towards the trainee/student's preference as much as possible.

in order for it to ultimately work out.

Training solutions are created based on what works best for the trainee/student.

As coach / trainer and athlete, I must walk the talk and always strive to be, so that this will contribute to being always fully confident and prepared in equipping my trainees / students with the proper knowledge and what works best for them, 

in order to better them most effectively.

My background:

A passionate and dedicated athlete who has dedicated his life to bettering his skills since 2005,

as well as a trainer / coach who is constantly dedicated in sharing his knowledge and helping others

through his training guidance and mentorship.

A highly dedicated Parkour and movement athlete, who is also skilled in

wilderness survival skills, survival swimming, and trained in heavy lifting

(via strength sports such as Strongman, Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting)

Qualifications & Credentials:

On Fitness Training and Athletic Coaching:
United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma

(Coaching methodologies, Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition)

Basic Exercise Course by the Singapore Sports Council Certification.
Professional work experience in Personal Fitness Training for 1-1 and small group training since mid 2010

Has helped several individuals of various age, needs and background.
Professional work experience in designing training/workout and nutrition/diet programs since 2010.
(Extensive) Training experience in extensive bodyweight exercises and movements as well as calisthenics since 2005.
Training experience in Bodybuilding and general weight training since 2006.
(Extensive) Training experience in Strength Sports such as Powerlifting, Strongman, and Olympic Weightlifting since 2007.

(Coached and worked with local top strongman, Sam of Team Iron Behemoths,

Olympic Weightlifting Pro Mr Tan Howe Liang - First Singaporean to win an Olympic Games medal)

On Swimming & Aquatic Locomotives:

United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma
(Sports Coaching methodologies, Sports Strength & conditioning, Sports psychology and Sports medicine)

CPR certification from Singapore First Aid Centre (National Resuscitation Council)
Professional work experience in coaching survival swimming lessons for young kids to adults (1-1 and small groups) since 2012
Training experience in survival swimming (incl; freediving methodologies and open water survival skills) since beginning 2011

Has majority exposure to open sea survival swimming and freediving in various conditions (including storm)

in various parts of the world since 2012.

Has trained with members of the Singapore Freediving community.

On Parkour and Land Locomotives:

United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma
(Sports Coaching methodologies, Sports Strength & conditioning, Sports psychology and Sports medicine)
Yamakasi training and workshop by ADD/Art of Deplacement Academy.
Professional work experience in coaching Parkour and related locomotion to 

young kids to adults (1-1 and large size group training) since 2010.
(Very extensive and comprehensive) Training experience in Parkour since mid 2005.
(Extensive) Training experience in free climbing, and other locomotives derived from Methode Naturelle since 2008.

Administrator of Parkour Singapore community and better known as the 'Strength and conditioning guy' of Parkour Singapore.

Extremely dedicated Parkour and movement athlete since 2005

(Trained and exposed to real life scenarios in several weather conditions in various parts of the world,

both in natural and urban environment. Has not taken a break from training for longer than 3 weeks at a time)

Trained with several Parkour coaches and world renown Parkour athletes worldwide

(including Parkour/ADD founder, Chau and Laurent of the Yamakasi).

​Strives to be expertly skilled in Parkour and movements for the rest of his life.

On Bushcraft & Outdoor survival skills:

United States Sports Academy Sports Coaching Diploma
(Coaching methodologies, Strength & conditioning, Nutrition, Sports psychology and Sports medicine)
Professional work experience in coaching wilderness skills and bushcraft to young teens and adults since the start of 2015.

Training experience in bushcraft, solo backpacking, and solo survival skills since 2008

Inspired by an adventurous heart, and primarily involved in outdoor self sufficient skills with basic gears.

Glen is self taught and have gone through several studies on various types of wilderness related skills,

and have put himself through many practical lessons and learnt not just through theory, but through lots of trial-and-error

and frustrations through practice. After gone through numerous overnight trips in various locations around the world,

he have learnt what works and what does not. He wants to share his knowledge and experience to beginners who wish to

better equip themselves with proper knowledge and skills to take care of themselves outdoors in the wilderness.

He is most knowledgeable and skilled in tropical / jungle wilderness skills.

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