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Larrison is an experienced and qualified swim coach with years of coaching experience, and have

coached individuals of various ages and needs. He has great experience working with kids, and

his coaching will build strong solid foundations. He will take time to understand the kid's style and

will use the appropriate coaching approach necessary to coach the student effectively, while

keeping them engaged well, and having them have fun in learning in the process.
Larrison works with Glen/Training by Glen, in works such as

relief coaching, assistant coaching, coaching, etc for swimming.

Training Experience: 

Work related experience -

Professional coaching experience, having worked in various swim schools and

companies locally, as well as privately.
Has helped coach kids with ADHD and Autism.

Education/Certifications -
1] AUSTSwim

2] Lifesaving 1, 2, 3

3] Swimming NCAP theory

4] CPR & AED