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Murphy is development associate for Training by Glen.

He is an advocate of fitness and he is one of our voices in fitness and

helps spread awareness of how people should look/approach fitness.

Murphy is an avid climber who have been climbing for many years and is also a Parkour practitioner who

have been training Parkour for years as well. Before that he was well into martial arts and

have trained martial arts since a very young age.

Along the way, he delved and got involved in freediving, trail running (wilderness running), etc.

As a result, he has trained himself in many various skills, which are most practical.

Murphy holds a Bachelor's of science in Mathematics and Statistics in Nanyang Technological

University Singapore, but is also well trained in many various physical arts, methodologies and disciplines.

He spends his free time thinking about philosophies of fitness and practical self development skills.

Training Experience:

Survival swimming and freediving,

Parkour, Rockclimbing,

Wushu, boxing, BJJ, and other martial arts.

Work related experience -

Has facilitated and coached rockclimbing for small groups.