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a detailed answer of 400 - 500 words, at just SGD$19.90.
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​​​Simple, convenient, flexible and quick way to get coaching
For the self motivated and committed who just needs proper guidance for your training / diet.

Personalized training / workout and diet plans / 

Get fitter and shape up
Improve your fitness and athletic ability
Build muscle mass and functional strength
Lose & reduce body fat
Learn how to train properly with movements, utilizing training equipment and the environment around you
Strength and conditioning for Parkour or any sport
Improve on your diet for optimal progression

Why Glen's Online Coaching:
From Glen's experience, he understands that most people use Online Personal Coaching for convenience, to fit their specific needs.

Therefore, with Glen's Online Coaching, options are more flexible and personalized - You only pay for what you what, and

you receive plans from a qualified professional.

If your goal is any of the above mentioned, and you mainly just need proper science-based training / diet plans and

professional guidance that are tailored for you, at cost effective prices, then Glen's online coaching will be the perfect fit for you.

Glen is a professional trainer & coach who has mixed science-based knowledge and

experience in fitness training, strength and conditioning and nutrition.

His forte in his coaching career is designing personalized training and nutrition plans for athletes. He enjoys designing plans for both athletes and individuals just looking to improve fitness, etc.

What to expect from Glen's Online Coaching:
Detailed personalized training and diet plans / answers via email containing detailed explanations of your overall plan, and clear instructions of executing those plans. Videos/illustrations provided in those plans, where necessary.
It's easy - just read and follow the plans to learn and get results! If you need any help understanding the plans, 
we're just an email away - Email replies come fast; within the next working day.

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