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Why Glen's Online Fitness Coaching

Science based
You will be coached based on science to the best of up to date knowledge.

Not from pseudoscience, not from ineffective, unsustainable and unscientific fads.
High level of professional experience
Highly trained expert, with many years professional training and work experience.
Comprehensive learning value
You get to learn a lot with Glen's online coaching, so that eventually you become self sufficient in your own training and diet.
Many various online coaching options to choose from
With so many options to choose from, it's easy to find something that fits your budget and needs.
Versatile type training
Glen's training for you is meant to teach/guide you on how you can adapt to your environments and situations to train and

work towards your goals using whatever you've got. So you don't have to worry and trouble yourself with

getting to certain places or getting certain equipment, as there's virtually always free alternative solutions to those problems.

This way, working towards your goals and keeping them will be most practical and sustainable for you in the long run.
Natural fitness
Glen trains people to shape up their physiques aesthetically, improve fitness, and athletic/functional performance - but

the bottomline is that no matter what the fitness goals are, Glen always advocate the importance of natural fitness, and

natural fitness forms the foundation of your training to certain extents (regardless of your goals).

This way you can avoid injuries and progressive dysfunction from imbalances, etc, and progress healthily and

effectively towards whatever fitness goals you have.
Strong background in powerlifting, calisthenics, athletic lifting, natural movements
Glen was already very proficient in these methodologies long before they became

more well known locally in Singapore (mostly) and globally.
Who are suitable for Glen's Coaching
Anyone on this planet, young or old, no matter what your gender/sex, culture and walk of life, etc, but you must be willing to

open yourself to follow the guidances, teachings and training requirements provided by Glen.

This is so that the coaching will work properly and effectively for you as you properly follow the coaching/teachings given from

Glen's expertise and professional knowledge. Coach Glen is a highly trained/educated/experienced professional and

expert in the fields of fitness, nutrition and strength & conditioning - so you're in good hands to learn, train and progress!
No selling out ever, and Glen don't sugar coat things when it comes to training and diet

Because training are meant to be most authentic and proper, even if that means (and it usually is) that Glen do not profit

as much from doing so, as some trainees may not be agreeable or comfortable to accept certain truths about training and diet.

But Glen do this because this is what produces the best results and progress for the trainee.

Glen is this passionate about providing no-nonsense training! Yes (unfortunately) at times, Glen goes to the extent to

reject a paying client without hesitation if that means Glen is asked/told to train them in a way that are

practically ineffective, unsound and unscientific for them. It's really for the trainees own good!

But also do know that Glen will/is always be overjoyed to take in anyone who are willing to be open, listen and follow his

training properly, so that they can properly reach their goals! Tell Glen your goals, be willing to

be open to receive his expertise and professional guidance, and you can expect the best from him, and

taking Glen's coaching could be the one of the best decisions you've ever make in your life.

Other Questions for clarification? Feel free to contact us!​​

Try out Glen's quick and easy online coaching:

Ask Glen any training/diet/nutrition related question, and he will reply back with 
a detailed answer of 400 - 500 words, at just SGD$19.90.
Click on the "PayPal Buy Now" button below, follow directions from there and 
include your questions in the "Special instructions message box". 
(Or you may also email your question directly to

Please provide all needed accurate info (Generic coaching will be provided if no/insufficient info are provided on your end).
Receive a professional detailed response to your question from Glen, within 2 working days.​

​​​Simple, convenient, flexible and quick way to get coaching
For the self motivated and committed who just needs proper guidance for your training / diet.

Remove your guess-work by getting guided with the right knowledge from a professional.

Personalized training / workout and diet & nutrition plans / 

Get fitter and shape up
Improve your fitness and athletic ability
Build muscle mass and functional strength
Lose & reduce body fat
Learn how to train properly with movements, utilizing training equipment and the environment around you
Strength and conditioning for fitness and athletic performance
Improve on your diet for optimal progression

Why Glen's personalized training and diet/nutrition plans:
From Glen's experience, he understands that most people use personalized

training and diet plans for convenience, to fit their specific needs.

Therefore, with Glen's personalized training and diet plans, options are more flexible

and personalized - You only pay for what you what, and you receive plans from a qualified professional.

If your goal is any of the above mentioned, and you mainly just need proper science-based training / diet

plans and professional guidance that are tailored for you, at cost effective prices, then Glen's personalized

training and diet plans will be the perfect fit for you. Glen is a professional trainer & coach who has

mixed science-based knowledge and experience in fitness training, strength and conditioning and nutrition.

His forte in his coaching career is designing personalized training and nutrition plans for athletes.

He enjoys designing plans for both athletes and individuals just looking to improve fitness, etc.

What to expect from Glen's personalized training & diet/nutrition plans:
Detailed personalized training and diet & nutrition plans / answers via email containing detailed explanations of your

overall plan, and clear instructions of executing those plans. Videos/illustrations provided in those plans, where necessary.
It's easy - just read and follow the plans to learn and get results! If you need any help understanding the

plans, we're just an email away - Email replies come fast; within the next working day.

Summary of ​Pros and Cons of Personalized training & diet/nutrition plans compared

with In-Person, Personal fitness Training:

The pros:

Personalized plans are significantly more wallet friendly than the latter

If you have busy/erratic schedule and you prefer to train/diet flexibly at your own time

(You have the discipline and you just need to be equipped with the right knowledge), then the personalized plans will

be money very well spent for you to achieve your fitness goals, and learn how to train/diet on your own.

The cons:

With the plans, the coach isn't there in person to coach you, hence there will be some limitations in those aspects.

If you lack discipline, then the plans will generally be limiting for you, since the plans are mainly about providing

you with all the right knowledge and you'll need the discipline to follow everything on your own.

Testimonials / People trained by us

Anything you want to ask? Need further clarification? Anything you

want to put your mind at ease? You can arrange for a private

WhatsApp video call session with Glen, free-of-charge.

Email or WhatsApp message

+65 98450655 now to set the free video call session.

Make-to-order, customized and personalized training video for you

How it works:

We can create a bespoke video base on your needs, requirements and goals, which

can cover your overall training, nutrition and diet, so that you can learn how to train and eat right, and achieve your fitness goals effectively. Just drop Coach Glen an

email:, let him know what you need, and we can discuss on

what kind of video, price and payment options, etc, that can be offered.

Once we can come to an arrangement, the official final offer will be made, mutual

agreement is made, and you can proceed to purchase (pay in advance).

Then the creation process of your bespoke video will begin, and the video product will

be delivered to you in as fast as within a matter of days once its done.

It's simple and straight forward. Price ranges from about SGD$40 and up (depending on content).

Generally available to anyone worldwide - Payment options available include direct bank-to-bank transfer, or PayPal (Debit/Credit card).

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