Remote private online coaching via phone, for Swimming.
Via: WhatsApp; 40 minutes of coaching through video call, followed by

training plan/guidance given within the next 20 minutes.

What's covered / what can be covered: Learn the swimming techniques / learn how to

train on your own / learn how to program your own training.

This service from Training by Glen, combines the best knowledge and many years of experience of swimming basics and survival swimming from
Coach Glen, to provide bespoke offerings to his clients

(no matter where they are in the world), that are of great value base on the cost effective rates offered.

Glen coaches you wherever he is at, with whatever he have available, at that point of time - Hence, you get

to enjoy higher degree of flexibility and enjoy very cost effective rates for this service.

(Glen's swimming profile and testimonials).

>Good flexibility<

​>Super quick results<

​>Great value base on the cost effective rates offered<

>Learn a lot and empower yourself with valuable knowledge<

>Get coached from wherever you are in the world<

>Get the convenience of having a private swim coach in your preferred location<

Costs: Range from SGD$40 to SGD$60 per appointment.

(Contact Glen for specific quote. Price depends on content, etc.

You will be offered the best and most suitable price/packages/purchase options, etc).

Payment options available: PayPal (Debit/credit card), or

Direct local bank-to-bank transfer (if you reside in Singapore and have a bank account that can be used in Singapore). Payment made in advance to confirm your appointment(s) booking(s).

Contact Glen now to arrange in quick, convenient and easy steps

Setting up and using this service:

Ensure you got a working WhatsApp installed in your phone.

Start making the session(s) arrangement directly with Coach Glen.

Service is purchased upfront via bank transfer or PayPal (Credit/Debit card).

Attend the training sessions.

Attending a session;

Reach Glen's contact number for this service.

Start the video call.

(Or you can wait for Glen to start the video call with you).

Be in a quiet private place to swim, and have speakers turned on for added volume so

that you can listen to the coaching instructions clearly.

Follow the training closely!

Once the video call has ended, the training plans/guidance will be sent to

you via WhatsApp within the next 20 minutes.


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