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Our Outcall Private Coaching Process

An general overview of the process of taking up outcall private coaching with Training by Glen.

The following is just information for your reference on how Training by Glen's outcall private coaching service procedures and process are like. This can help you better understand how easy it is to take up/book private training sessions with us.

At The Beginning:

Step 1 - The initial contact;

This is when you speak with Glen about your interest to start private coaching, and info is gathered about your training goals, your preferred training venue and schedule, etc.

Step 2 - Sorting out the training arrangement;

After gathering the minimum basic info on what you need, we will then proceed to sorting out the training arrangement - the minimum info required are; the venue/date/time slot(s) you'd like to book on, which option you'd like to go for (single session, 4 or 8 sessions package, etc), and which payment option you prefer. At this point, all you need to do, is to refer to our Google Calendar page, and check out the available schedule slots, then decide which slot(s) you'd like to

book on, after which, let Glen know which slot(s) you want to book, which option you'd like to go for (trial/single session, 4 or 8 sessions package, etc), and which payment option you prefer.

Step 3 - Finalizing and confirming the arrangement;

After providing all the required info to Glen, the arrangement summary will be sent to you, asking you to confirm the arrangement. If you're paying by any electronic/wire transfer, Glen will send you a Payment Request/Invoice to make purchase in advance, in order to confirm service and

secure the bookings. If you're paying in cash, you will just need to reply the message of the arrangement summary asking for confirmation, indicating your confirmation, to confirm the arrangement and booking(s) - Then, on the first session, the cash payment will be collected upfront in full upon meet up, to purchase the service and secure the booking(s) placed.

After purchase;

You can alter/place more bookings as deem fit. Use up all sessions bought and

enjoy the benefits of the private training sessions!

During Training Sessions:

How is it like during training sessions;

Depending on the type of training you're on (Fitness/Parkour/Swimming/Bushcraft) - The first session is typically where the appropriate assessment is made, followed by providing you with the quick coaching of how your training should be like. After which, the actual training is conducted

accordingly based on what you need. At the end, complementary self training/diet plans are

provided (where appropriate/necessary), and a 'debrief' and training summary will be

provided so that you can understand your training as a whole. First training session is

always crucial, as it is the part where the trainee needs to understand his/her training as a whole.

Subsequent training sessions are mainly focused on the actual training itself, followed by the coaching/counselling of the trainee's training as a whole. Complementary self training and

diet plans and progress assessments are continued to be provided where necessary.

*Every typical training session is holistic and valuable!

For inquiries, you may visit our FAQ page, or contact us directly for clarifications.