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Personal Fitness Training (Personal Training)

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Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Beginner courses & training

Our rates

Applies to ALL forms of training‚Äč

Standard Out-call personal training / coaching services in Singapore

*Rates are fixed

Single / Trial session for 1 hour:

1 person: $65

2 person: $90

4 sessions package (1 hour per session):

1 person: $210

2 person: $290

8 sessions package (1 hour per session):

1 person: $400

2 person: $530

Note: Trial session (very first session for absolute newcomers to our outcall services)

can be "topped up" and converted into a 4 or 8 sessions package for an additional top up fee of $10.

This is only applicable to our standard rates only.

To top up to 4 sessions package; Remaining balance of $147.25 ($155)

for 1 person or $223.25 ($235) for 2 person, is paid via bank funds transfer, within 7 days from trial session's date of purchase.

To top up to 8 sessions package; Remaining balance of $327.75 ($345) for 1 person or $451.25 ($475) for 2 person, 
is paid via bank funds transfer, within 7 days from trial session's date of purchase.

($) Prices in the () brackets are before the bank funds transfer 5% discount. It's just for your reference.

*Terms & Condition apply*

Standard Online fitness training

The following plans are inclusive of both training and diet plans:

1 week / general plan (contains general guidelines for your overall training & diet): SGD$80

1 month detailed plan: SGD$150

1 year detailed plan: SGD$850

Others: Ask for quote!


Special projects & requests:

For special project/request and training with very specific needs, feel free to contact us for separate quotation.


We award discounts if you engage our out-call services and fulfill any of the following criteria;
You are a student still studying, age 14 to 25
You have taken up and completed at least 12 sessions with us
You successfully refer us to another person for training - Referred person must have paid a total of at least $190 for any TBG service, before the discount can be given.

*Discounts condition: Discounts only given to you if TBG offers them to you, or if you request for them*