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Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

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Applies to ALL forms of training

Standard Out-call personal training / coaching services in Singapore

(Rates are fixed)

Trial/Single session (1 hour)4 sessions package (1 hour per session)8 sessions package (1 hour per session)Single session crash course (3 hour long)
Personal Fitness Training

1 person $60

2 person $90

1 person $220

2 person $310

1 person $410

2 person $580

Swimming1 person $60
2 person $90
1 person $220
2 person $310
1 person $410
2 person $580
Parkour1 person $60 
2 person $90 
3 person $120 
1 person $220 
2 person $310 
3 person $400 
1 person $400
2 person $500 
3 person $600
Bushcraft/Wilderness Survival1 person $60
2 person $90
1 person $220
2 person $310
1 person $410
2 person $580
1 person $170
2 person $220


After completing 8 hours of Parkour training, the rates thereafter, can be discounted up to 40% (Subject to availability and

on case-to-case basis: Special mentorship rates given to selected trainees) *Check with Glen to see if you qualify*

*Trial session can be topped up into a 4 or 8 sessions package

Rules for top up;

Trial session can only be topped up into a package with the same number of participants as the trial session.

Payment to top up can only be paid immediately after completing the trial session, in person, in cash, and must be given in exact change.

(Top up becomes unavailable if customer decides not to top up immediately after completing the trial session)

If the trial session was paid by bank funds transfer with 5% discount, the remaining amount to top up into a package is inclusive of that initial 5% discount.

(For eg; Trial session for 2 person paid for $85.50 via bank funds transfer, can be topped up into 8 sessions package, for $490 *minus $4.50*)

Top up only applicable to standard rates.

Terms & Condition apply

Standard Online Coaching

The following plans are inclusive of both training and diet/nutrition plans:

1 month standard plan: SGD$75

3 months standard plan: SGD$155

6 months standard plan: SGD$235

Others: Ask for quote!


Special projects & requests:

For special project/request and training with very specific needs, feel free to contact us for separate quotation.


Click here for details on how you can make use of discounts to cut costs.

*Conditions for top up / discount promotions: We reserve the right to change these promotions offers prior to being given, with 
notice given beforehand. (Under reasonable circumstances)*