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Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

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Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

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Nature wilderness (jungle) immersion

4 hour long session

Have fun and meaningful activity hiking and traversing through the wild

spaces of Singapore, that you probably never knew existed! And learn the

elementary skills of taking care of yourself out there in the wild - Knowing what

to pack properly for your wilderness trips, how to take care of yourself

while out in the wilderness in general.

Note: This is not intended to be a bushcraft course.

It's mainly for the learning of very basic general wilderness/jungle

skills and exploring to experience new adventures in Singapore!

Who will best benefit from this activity:

Suitable for anyone of any level. Great for folks who are out of touch in nature.

Great for those new to the tropical jungle environment.

Great for anyone seeking new adventure, new sights and experiences in Singapore. 

The activity/training will be scaled according to ability/needs of participants.


You choose your preferred date and time

The location/place is a surprise and is constantly changing - You will be informed

of the meeting spot, place and itinerary at the beginning of the chat with Glen.

Learn; how to navigate with basic tools, how to hike and wildcamp

while respecting mother nature, how to prepare and eat on your hikes, safety

while hiking and wildcamping. This would be universal training that can be applicable

to generally all environments in the world - so this will be good to prepare you

for your adventures locally or overseas no matter where you are in the world!

Get to curiously know and learn things like how to answer nature's call in the wild, how

to cook and clean while wildcamping and so on!

$150 for 1 person, $200 for 2 person, $250 for 3 person.

Outdoor Wilderness Courses / Activities

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