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Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

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Glen's standard private swim lessons:Alternative Swimming Lessons (By another independent coach):
Super quick results for adults and teenagersGreat learning atmosphere for kids / fun learning atmosphere*
Lessons for age 6 and aboveLessons for age 4 and above*
Skills covered; Breast stroke, freestyle/front crawl, back stroke, treading water, open water swimming, basic open water survival skills, basic free-diving.Skills covered; Breast stroke, freestyle/front crawl, back stroke, butterfly, treading water, basic water survival skills*
Schedule availability; Click here to see.Extra schedule availability if Glen is unavailable to mainly coach. Independent coach coaches / work outside of TbG's closure dates as well so users enjoy extra booking availability.

*Subject to coach availability - Inquire to ask*

Rates are the same as ourstandard rates(for first purchase)

Payment option available in cash only

Top up promotionsare not available with this service.

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Alternative Swimming Lessons (Private)

If you need something slightly different fromGlen's standard private swimming lessons, this is an option to consider.

With this option, the lessons are conducted by another coach altogether.

Do take our 'Alternative Swimming Lessons' option (this option is for you) if;
Glen is unavailable to coach you as the main coach due to lack of his availability
You need to learn 'Butterfly' swimming technique
You have a young child (age 4-6 years) who needs lessons