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Have a chat with Glen, in person, over video call, or phone call to

properly mutually understand all needs and expectations.

This way Glen can give his professional advice to you on what's the best way to go about everything, and what it takes to achieve your fitness goals. 

No hard-selling over the phone. Glen will give you no-nonsense honest advice on what's the best way to reach your goals, even if that means his service may not

be required. Because we truly want to help you make the

best decisions for yourself! It's a win-win for you.

First session

Is usually where proper assessment is made, followed by consultation - which means you will be taught how to diet and train overall, etc, so that you

get a better overall understanding on how everything works in order to work and reach towards your goals. At this stage, you must be open to learn and

be prepared to take notes. This first session may even include going

on a quick tour in your nearest supermarket, public eating places, home groceries, etc, so that you can better understand how to eat right, and also 

may even include a quick tour to nearby spots to orientate you on

how you can train on your own, etc. First session is usually mostly about learning! - Which is one of the most important part of your PT journey.

Subsequent sessions

Will be mostly actual physical training, with a mix of consultations and

assessments thrown in, as and when necessary.

Examples of common arrangements

Fat loss and shape up

8 sessions package

Scheduled twice per week with Coach.

First session at trainee's home to get assessed, receive consultation with (quick

tour at the supermarket and hawker center next to this home).

Sessions with Coach to guide and push trainee to workout, and

ensure trainees stay on track with diet

and self workouts - through assessments and consultations.

Trainee constantly increases overall knowledge on how to train and diet overall.

4 times per week self workout (Guided during the sessions with Coach).

Follow diet everyday, from the guidance provided by Coach.

Coach checks in with trainee to help ensure trainee follows diet and self workouts on their own.

After 8 sessions: Lots of valuable gained knowledge on how to train and diet on own, better body shape. Option to renew package again to continue (without hardselling from Glen).

Improve fitness / performance

4 sessions package

Scheduled once per week with Coach.

First session, trainee gets assessed, and receive full consultation for everything.

During sessions with Coach, trainees learn as much as possible on how to train overall, etc, and

trainee also gets pushed and guided through every full session.

2 times per week self training based on the guidance given by Coach.

After 4 sessions: Lots and lots of gained knowledge on how to train and diet on own, greatly improved fitness and performance. Option to renew package again to continue.

We decide what's the best type of arrangement for you based your needs, in order to best reach your goals. Which package, how many sessions, how often, where to have the training, etc, and so on.

Personal Fitness Training Onsite - What to generally expect and

some examples of arrangements and common recommendations