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Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

Parkour & movement classes - All levels - Comprehensive training

Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

Parkour classes (Private coaching / course)

Move and traverse better with Parkour & land locomotives methodologies

Comprehensive private coaching at your preferred location and schedule around Singapore

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​​​Train to overcome obstacles on land efficiently:
Train Parkour to run and overcome obstacles along the way efficiently, as well as land locomotives

skill - Improve your capability to traverse across land environment & obstacles safely and efficiently with
other movements such as free climbing, and more.

Train intelligently and train properly:
Our main focus is on coaching individuals to properly program their training for effective progression,
to train for practical purposes and train to apply your skills in real life scenarios, and for the individual's own self development.
We coach the training with science / over many years of practical experience.

Why train with us:
We coach Parkour in it's purest sense, and we focus on the practical aspect of skill application
​Coaches are top notch coaches in this field and are professionals
Coaches have at least 10 years of dedicated / professional experience
Educated / qualified / certified / passionate coaches
Coaches are passionate local practitioners and members of the Parkour Singapore community
We coach all levels
Our coaching is most private and personalized
Our classes are conducive for training and flexible -
Many different choices of day and time slots to choose from based on your preferences.
Our classes are usually held outdoors which makes training more conducive & productive.​
Cost effective over the long term: Though our private coaching is costlier 
per session than other group sessions, you gain a lot from each private coaching session, 
thus saving money, time and wasted effort over the long term. 

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Why train Parkour and why it is useful for you:
Parkour is a utility art and can be very practical, as the main aim of Parkour is to overcome obstacles as you run 
from point A to point B. You can find yourself applying Parkour in many real scenarios 
(from as simple as catching the bus, to an extent of escaping from danger). 
Not only that, Parkour is a very holistic physical activity, so this will mean that it will develop your fitness

no matter what your fitness level is at (since our training will build you up from any level). 
Our training is aimed at getting stronger and more mobile with movements, as opposed to just learning the 'cool moves'. 
Kids, adults, at whatever fitness level can stand to benefit from our Parkour training, as you find yourself getting more stronger and mobile - You will discover that you get more capable of moving in a variety of ways you never thought was possible before, as you jump from one obstacle to another, swing from bar to branch or balance with grace with full confidence and control. 
Contrary to some notions about Parkour, it is not dangerous, as it is only dangerous as you make it be.
You train sensibly to be more mobile, stronger, hence you become more mindful of your movements 

which will actually make you less prone to falling and injuries in general!
Remember, our aim is to get you stronger and more mobile through movements.
Read here more on the safety of Parkour in our FAQs!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Our Testimonials:
"The training lessons have helped me get the concept and basics of the
movements involved and the overall service delivered was good, and customized 
to my preferences - Joe, 25 years old, Singapore"

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What you get with our training:
Every session, you receive full comprehensive coaching which includes, how to train the movements properly, how to properly strength train and condition for parkour, how to periodize and plan your own training, how to fuel your body with the right nutrition. Complementary self training (and nutrition) plan provided. 

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​How long do I need to learn the basics?
If you have a budget but would like to learn everything you need to know in general, 
so that you can train on your own, it should take about 8 private lessons. 
This will include learning the fundamental techniques, how to apply the techniques, 
how to plan your own training and train on your own, how to eat properly for Parkour, how to avoid injuries, etc.
​After which, you can consider scheduling a private coaching session with us, once every 2 weeks, 
while you train on your own under our guidance, so as to keep you training properly and effectively.
If you do not have budget constraints, it can be very beneficial to arrange the private coaching sessions once per week, while you train on your own with our guidance, so as to keep your overall training very effective.

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​​​​​We provide:

Private Parkour training / classes, the way it's meant to be -

Useful, practical, outdoors without equipment and gym,

with highly qualified and passionate local professionals from the community.

The best way to get stronger and increase your movement ability, safely.

"It's not about stunts and somersaults.. It's about getting stronger, and more mobile with movements and improving your ability to traverse obstacles safely. Beneficial for individuals from all walks of life."

For Parkour enthusiasts - Private coaching: Full comprehensive guidance

in all areas of your training (strength and conditioning, movements training, nutrition, etc).

Experience Parkour training the way it should be with our Parkour classes and training.

For anyone who wants to improve their mobility and fitness -

This type of training is good for you regardless of your fitness level.

It's even better for you if you are completely sedentary -

We build you up gradually to get you stronger and more mobile.