Training at your preferred location & schedule in Singapore / Online training

Personalized training / courses for self development

Personal Fitness Training (Personal Training)

Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

Parkour & movement classes - All levels - Comprehensive training

Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

How is the training / lessons like:
Glen and his assisting team of friendly coaches believe in coaching in a fun,

pleasant and friendly environment.
We focus on producing super quick (4-6 lessons per skill) / effective results.
We adapt and use different ways to best train you in order to achieve your goal(s).
Glen and his assisting coaches are all qualified / certified / experienced coaches that deliver quality lessons.
We cater mainly to private 1-1, 1-2 and small group lessons.
For beginner and intermediate levels

Comprehensive coaching

​Train and learn in privacy

Personalized and at your preferred location & schedule

Who are the lessons for?

Adults and teens

(Coach Glen specializes in providing super quick results)

Kids age 6 to 12

(Build their interest and speed up their learning progress through controlled play + structured training)

Our rates:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Our Testimonials & Reviews:
​"Not just only friendly, Glen is also an excellent instructor that made sure everything is safe.

The fundamentals were well explained and his guidance made me feel at ease in water.

Manage to learn breast stroke within 4 lessons!! Two thumbs up for Glen and team :D" - Zor Lee
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People trained by us

How fast does it take for me to learn?
Our fastest learner to freestyle/front crawl properly from scratch, took just 4 lessons with Glen.
If you're a complete beginner, without a coach, it'll usually take about 

6 months to a year to learn the basics of swimming. 
At times, it's also not uncommon to hear individuals saying that 

they feel that they can never learn to swim properly on their own. 
With proper private lessons, the time taken to learn usually lasts anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, and the time is usually cut by 70% because there's a coach with you to correct your mistakes on the spot in person and guide you closely and personally.​

How long does it take for a complete beginner to learn on average (and your investment):
8 sessions package = $410 = Learn 2 basic swimming techniques and swim on a basic level.
12 sessions (8 sessions package [$410] + 4 sessions package [$220]) = $630 = Get your basic swimming down solid.
One training session per week with us, for 6 months = About $220 per month = Learn to swim completely.

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Private and personalized ​Swimming lessons

Beginner swimming & Survival swimming

"Super quick results for adults/teens and best learning experience for kids"

At your preferred location and schedule around Singapore

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Private swim lessons at your residence, condo, public pool, or out at the open sea.
Perfect for beginners
who want to learn and improve for their own self development.

Perfect for anyone who wants to be confident in the open sea

(treading water, survival swimming techniques, freediving, etc)

Flexible scheduling (Slots available on PH, weekends, night times).

Experienced, fun and friendly coach.

What Glen can coach you for:Specifically:

Standard breast stroke,

head-above-water variation.

Freestyle, front crawl

Basic front crawl /



Basic back


Treading water



Swimming survival skillsSurvival float, bobbing, drown-proofing, open-water treading water, open-water swimming, basic freediving techniques such as underwater swimming (correct techniques for breath holding, relaxation and diving techniques).

Flexible & cost effective:
Arrange at your preferred location & schedule - No hassle from fixed scheduled group classes
Various options for classes available
Our classes are highly customized to suit the needs, requirements & preferences of

the student(s), and are cost effective (best value for money)