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No private pool to use? Not keen on public pools? Or not able to take swimming lessons at public pools?

The good news is that, there is a place that you can swim at for free.

Yes... and that place is at the beach of Sentosa.

Noteworthy things about swimming at Sentosa:

It's free of charge.

There's locker facilities next to the beach, and you can pay using various cards or cash.

Very well maintained shower/changing and toilet facilities onsite, free to use.

Getting there with public transport is convenient as it's well connected.

Benefits of swimming at the sea:

Health benefits from swimming outdoors in sea water, that you can't get

from swimming indoors in pool chlorinated water.

Learning at the sea, helps a lot in building tons of confidence in swimming overall (both in

open water and in pool waters). - It's more common for pool swimmers to struggle when swimming

in open water, but less common the other way around. You also become a stronger overall swimmer, if you train

more at the sea, or start off learning and training at the sea.

Swimming at the sea is free of charge, and not bound or much less bound to

the rules of swimming pools (such as operating hours, etc).

Why some people are hesitant and reluctant to swim at Sea/Sentosa and why they shouldn't:

It's scary and dangerous

The argument; if you know where to swim, according to your level, it can actually be as safe as

swimming in the pool. Having a coach really helps, as you can be guided closely. Furthermore, training

at sea, helps train you to be more conscious of safety, and greatly builds up your capabilities, which

in turn helps to make you a much stronger swimmer.. and if you're a more knowledgeable

and stronger swimmer - you become a safer swimmer.

It's not as clean as swimming in the pool

The argument; the waters around Singapore are regularly tested for the public to know if the waters at various

beaches around Singapore, are safe for contact physical activities and sports. See government NEA's website

on their official grading of water quality around Singapore. Virtually everytime - the beaches around Singapore are

marked as safe for primary water contact activities (which includes swimming). And Sentosa have one

of the most cleanest and clearest waters in Singapore, making it arguably, the most popular place

for swimmers (of all levels) to swim at. Everyday, lots of people wade, play and swim in the sea waters of

Sentosa, and regular water activities are also hosted and conducted at the beaches of Sentosa too.

It's troublesome to get to Sentosa

The argument: In present times, it's more and more convenient to get to Sentosa by public transport.

There's direct public train/bus/monorail connections, from anywhere in mainland to sentosa, that

you don't even need to walk for more than 3-10 minutes for every transfer of transport.

You'll usually only end up paying about $2 for public transport to Sentosa, from your house.

Getting to the beaches of Sentosa:

Take the MRT train to harbourfront station.

Enter Vivocity mall (which is next to the MRT station), to 3rd floor.

Tap in with your EZ-link card to enter the monorail station inside the mall (at the 3rd floor).

Monorail train usually arrives every 3 minutes.

Ride the monorail train to beach station which is just 3 stops away.

The beach is right next to Beach station.

*This page is meant to provide a quick subjective opinion of swimming at sentosa, and is

just meant to help share alternative viewpoints as food for thought*

Swimming for all levels at Sentosa beach

Sentosa beach as a location to learn and train swimming (All levels: Absolute beginners to experienced)