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Terms and Conditions (Service Agreement):

*TBG in this document refers to “Training by Glen”, UEN 53215633A.

*Glen refers to the owner of TBG.

*User refers to the consumer / trainee(s) using any of TBG service(s).

Updated on 24/4/2018

General policies:​​

As part of the service (for the main sake of training continuity), Glen may appoint any assistants (under his discretion), to fill in/take over/assist any of his session as a relief/assistant coach, whenever he is unavailable/need

additional assistance/for job training purposes, with just notice given beforehand.

If the user do not want any of Glen's assistant(s) appointed to their session(s), the user will need to

declare it before TBG announces that his assistant(s) is/are assigned to their session.

Payment Refund / Service Expiration policies:

Service Expiration -

(The number of days each following service is valid for, from the time of purchase);

4 training sessions pack; 70 days

8 training sessions pack; 130 days

Single training session; 50 days

All others respectively; 140 days

Service expiry date extension are within Glen's discretion, and may only be granted and given accordingly, 

for legitimate reasons such as prolonged bad weather (haze), if TBG is unable to assign

a person / coach to take any of the user's scheduled session, or other similar reasons.

Refund -

(The following Refund Policy only applies when the user makes payment directly to TBG);

The user is 100% eligible for refund to only of the following specific cases: 4 or 8 training sessions bought in a bundle that has completely not been used and idle for less than 48 hours from the time of the first payment.

This includes the rule that the refund is requested at least 90 minutes prior to the start of the first session

of the package with Glen, or 24 hours if with Glen's appointed team member/partner.

All other refund are within Glen's full discretion.

Refund is strictly provided through the following ways only; Directly through PayPal via the same contact / way TBG receives

the payment from, directly through Bank Funds Transfer (details of the bank account to refund to, can only be provided

in person, or via SMS only), or directly via cash during a paid booked session.


Any communication done via mobile phone through those provided phone numbers (regardless of whomever is using the phone

at the time), will be treated as official communications from the user. 
It is the user's responsibility to safeguard his or her phone from false communications. 
If there's any change of phone number, the user needs to inform Glen on the change (in person only), before

communicating via phone, to prevent false communications.

Only booking changes made in-person with Glen, 
or via SMS/call to TBG's official hotline as stated on TBG's website, are considered valid.

TBG is obligated to reply to any communication contact pertaining to paid service obligations (TBG reserves the right to

not respond to non-service obligations), and strives to reply as quickly as possible. Response time for

email can take up to TBG's next working day. Response time for phone will typically take any time from instantaneously, to

within 5 hours, for priority contacts of matters such as booking requests and

service deliveries, while other matters may take up to the next working day.

Appointment Booking (Postpone / Cancellation / Rescheduling / Change) policies:

Any change (postpone, reschedule, cancellation, etc) to bookings are allowed without *penalty, if notice is given to Glen,

- Earlier than 90 minutes from the start of the scheduled session (to sessions with Glen only).

- Earlier than 24 hours from the start of the scheduled sessions (to sessions with Glen and his assistants or with Glen's assistants only).

*Penalty = session gets forfeited (If any booking change is made later than

any of the above respectively specified time, the session will get forfeited).

TBG reserves the right to treat the appointment as completed, if there's completely no show up

of any attendee after 20 minutes from the start of the scheduled appointment has passed. 

Any attendee showing up late for the session will not be provided any make up for the time lost from being late.

​TBG reserves the right to forfeit 1 session, if any changes are made more than twice in a row consecutively.

Indemnity acceptance / Liability waiver:

By participating in the activities created / conducted by TBG, the user is aware and understand that participation in the physical activities created / hosted and conducted by Training by Glen involve physical and mental exertion, and the user undertake not

to hold TBG, its employees, partners and affiliates, to be liable for any injury, loss or damage which the user, or

anyone else including minors who choose to participate together, might sustain whilst participating in any physical

activity created / hosted and conducted by Training by Glen, and howsoever arising irrespective of

whether such loss, injury or damage can be attributed to any act or omission of TBG, its employees, partners and affiliates.


​​TBG reserves the right to change it's Terms & Conditions at any point of time, and the user will be notified of the revision via given contact number or

email (With or without prior notice). By continuing to pay and use any of TBG services, the user will be deemed to have accepted and

agree to abide to TBG's revised Terms & Conditions (unless otherwise indicated by the user). 

Soft copy training plans can replace any unused time of training sessions (only if requested or necessary). The plans will be sent via SMS or email only. 

To ensure refund efficiency; If a refund (under any circumstance) is offered or have to be given to the user, the user agrees to cooperate

with TBG with the necessary steps to take the refund within 24 hours without delays or interference, if not the user will forfeit the refund completely.

If the user behaves in any manner that is inappropriate/disorderly/abusive, TBG reserves the right to terminate & forfeit service.