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Empathetic coaches. Good scheduling. 

Thanks a lot for all those pleasant sessions, I made good

improvements and got knowledge, I'll keep working out :)

Personal Fitness Training: Schneiber Gerald, Desigual, French expat

Charissa Meesriyong - Expat, American

Glen is a great instructor. Not only that he is highly effective in coaching, Glen is humble, patient and accommodating. I strongly recommend Glen for stress-free swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons (Learn freestyle from scratch): Mark, Working Professional, Jurong East, Singapore

I would like to share with you my wife’s and my gratitude to Glen and his swimming training techniques.  My wife had come to Singapore for a short 2 week holiday to visit me while I am working here and

felt it is about time she was to learn how to swim to enjoy outdoor activities with me.  

She did some research and came across “Training by Glen” who does personal swimming lessons for people who have no swimming background.  My wife was very nervous that at

her early 30’s she may not learn how to swim and that she was going to waste her lessons booked. 
After the first lesson of 1 hr per lesson my wife was over the moon because she could do breaststroke

for a few strokes without the breathing technique.  She was so excited that she didn’t get out of

the pool after her class for another 1 hr or so to practice. 

By her 4 lesson my wife was able to do breast stroke with breathing properly,

a bit of treading water and started to learn freestyle. 
After 8 lessons with Glen my wife is so confident in the water that she can swim breaststroke,

tread water and freestyle all with proper technique.  Even wanting to teach me how to do breast stroke that I don’t even know and I learnt how to swim more than 28 years ago.  
My wife and I would like to thank Glen for his easy teaching and patience.

-Alex Lee, Allianz Technology, expat / Wife; Sara Li

I had put off swimming lessons for 5 years till I found trainingbyglen.

A great plus was the flexible scheduling which allowed me to learn at my own pace.

I am also very satisfied with my progress in the breaststroke and freestyle thus far.

The drills, repetitions and feedback on technique had made swimming much easier. Thank you!

-Li Ching, Student, Singaporean

My swimming technique improved massively only after a couple of sessions with Glen...

I now feel equipped with the skills and techniques to swim confidently and with pride and would highly recommend beginners or even regular swimmers to have coaching sessions with Glen.

The sessions were very well structured with clear objectives, useful feedback and very professional.

I was very happy with the teachings and service provided by Glen.

-Serena Shah, UK expat.

Hi Glen, really enjoying the lessons so far. Thanks.

Parkour lessons: Paul Ambrose, Tennis Coach, New Zealand expat

Due to my school project, I need to some research on survival camping.

I did some online research on how it should be done when you get lost in the forest.

I applied for bushcraft training by Glen for a short course (few hours).

I want to know the basic skills for bushcraft.

Training by Glen makes me able to experience my first survival camping and it was enjoyable.

The training was able to provide me the basic bushcraft skills and the trainer is very patient.

Any questions asked after the training will be replied.

It was a good and fun experience to me.

Bushcraft and wilderness skills Training: Melissa, Student, Singapore

The training has benefited me, and the booking process and procedures were

systematic and reliable. I managed to achieve what I want.

Swimming lessons (Learn breast stroke and freestyle from scratch): Kanchan, expat.

Danny, Expat, Malaysian.

Veera: Glen, I already lost 7kg since the first time I met you, which is very good already! (2 months + ago)

Personal Fitness Training: Kumar and Veera, India

The training lessons have helped me get the concept and basics of

the movements involved and the overall service delivered was

good, and customized to my preferences.

Parkour lessons: Joe, 25 years old, Singapore

Thanks to you, I'm no longer afraid of swimming in deep pools.

Good thing I found you in Gumtree.

Swimming and aquatic locomotives training: Dexter, Philippines

​​Testimonials from Satisfied clients

Glen is a great coach in that he tries to understand your physical need and tailor the program to suit you instead of just 1 size fits all.

What saw result under his coaching is that he does not compromise when one gets lazy and keep encouraging you to make it happen.

I also appreciate the advise on dieting as well and not just focus on the physical training. That helped expedite the result.

I always thought training is just enhance your cardio and tone up body. Through Glen I also learnt that with his training, you

can also train yourself to ensure you can do daily activity with ease and not get injured easily.

Personal Fitness Training: Yang Po, CEO of Aquaint Property, Singapore.

I have been training with Glen since November 2012. Throughout this time, Glen has proven himself to be

the most consistent, dedicated and passionate professional I have ever known.
Glen always structures our sessions meticulously and methodically. He is happy to explain any questions on fitness I might

have and shows genuine interest in my physical fitness and wellbeing. Glen will push you to your physical limit without

being aggressive or over-zealous. He is always encouraging and personally demonstrates all the exercises he requires. 
Glen is also skilled in many areas of fitness: endurance, strength, gym equipment, swimming, just to name a few.

Glen is always adaptable and takes it upon himself to perfect his methods.
In the period I have trained with Glen, my fitness has noticeably improved. From an over-weight person who pants while

walking, I have lost a significant amount of weight and could perform daily functions without physical exhaustion.

I trust that with further training with Glen, I would only see greater results to come. 
Glen does not only believe in physical exercise for shape and body itself, but would actively encourage and

design his programme to assimilate into your lifestyle, and make fitness part of you. I could think of no one

better than Glen to help you make a change in your lifestyle and fitness. I would strongly recommend him to everyone.

Personal Fitness Training: Xiao Han, Law student, Singapore

Glen is a great personal trainer.  He was very knowledgeable about the body,  how to attain a very good level of fitness as well as

providing insights and advice on looking after your health. He has a structured approach and takes time to listen to your goals and tailors

his approach / your work plan accordingly. Working with Glen gave me the ability to go from doing zero gym / fitness work to

competing in various competitions (Commando Challenge, Urbanathlon, Puma night run) in under a year. I was also able

to add 10 kg in muscle mass. I have no hesitation in recommending Glen and wish you to enjoy the same results that I have!

Personal Fitness Training: Raja, Citibank, UK