Training with Glen (Budget training alternative)

Improve your Parkour and movement ability with Glen through his structured guided training.

A wallet friendly alternative to our outcall Personal Training and Coaching.

‚ÄčExperience proper Parkour training with a professional.


Training at your preferred location & schedule in Singapore / Online training

Personalized training for anyone who wants to improve themselves

Personal Fitness Training (Personal Training)

Swimming lessons - Swimming basics & Water survival

Parkour & movement classes - All levels - Comprehensive training

Outdoor wilderness skills training / Bushcraft - Basic course & training

The 'Training with Glen' option is when you're willing to take away certain parts of the coaching service to cut cost - You need to fulfill any and at least the first

2 requirements of the discounts page‚Äč.

It's basically a watered-down version of our standard private coaching service, to provide opportunities for those tight on budget. Click here for details on discounts.

Featured Options;
Parkour training sessions at 5 Pine Close / 204 Bishan St 23 / Eunos
Court / Punggol Interchange area / Pasir Ris Interchange area, without diet and self training 
plans - $43.33 per session (*Aprox cost if you take a 8 sessions pack for 1 person and pay via Bank funds transfer).

Contact Glen today if you're interested

Looking for better booking flexibility, and full comprehensive coaching? Try our standard Private Coaching instead: Info / Rates